Conceptual Design

We had two primary aims for the conceptual design:
(1) to invite social interaction
(2) to ensure that the interface would be very natural for users to use


Above is our initial design. We wanted to build in earbuds into the hood so users would not have to carry their own. We wanted many lights on the pocket and sleeves (mainly wrist area). In the pockets, we were planning to have speakers and earphone jacks. As you can probably see, we didn’t quite stay with this concept. When we were presenting our low-fidelity prototype, somebody brought up a concern about music being heard by others though the built-in earphones. Realizing this, we decided to go with a normal sweatshirt. We decided to move our lights higher on the sweatshirt and decided to place them around the collar and on the shoulders so they are more visible create a nice visual design reminiscent of the embellished collar trend.



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